[Currently Reading Discourse on Colonialism by Aime Cesaire] “This book is about colonialism, its impact on the colonized, on culture, on history, on the very concept of civilization itself, and most importantly, on the colonizer.” -[Introduction by Robin D.G Kelley]  I just finished reading the introduction and I think I’ll be in love with Cesaire by its entirety. I first learned about him this summer when I inserted myself in a highly intellectual and engaging topic [that I knew not much about] on Negritude, Damas, Senghor and other scholars with my older sister (whom I’m secretly borrowing this from) and educators/scholars/friends in Senegal. Hopefully I’ll read Frantz Fanon afterwards. Gosh I’m excited. I think everyone should read this and study the aforementioned scholars. I promise, it’ll change you in someway or somehow or for the sake of obtaining and seeking knowledge. 

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